Quality & Safety Policy

Quality Policy

We are here because of our Customers! Realizing our Customers are the reason we have our jobs!

  • High-level executives, support resources and personnel sufficient for the quality policy to be carried out effectively.
  • On receipt of complaints from customers or those involved, the problem are recorded and resolved. We follow correction action to prevent problem from arising again.
  • Internal reviews on all activities which involves quality system, in an appropriate time frame to ensured that the quality control system is effectively functioning.
  • Collect, analyze, report and use collected information on quality.
  • Making continuous improvement a part of every day and every job - through the use of team participation and measurements.
  • Ensuring that our Policy and Procedure Manuals reflect what we actually do.
  • Helping and educating each other to help ourselves!
  • Understanding how our jobs fit into the overall flow of work at FREEZECO PVT. LTD.

Safety Policy

Workplace safety is the highest priority and responsibility in each employee’s duties.

  • The company will promote and improve safe working conditions and environment.
  • The company will promote safety activities which will help to stimulate each employee's conscience, such as safety training, motivation, information, and competition, for example.
  • All supervisors will be good examples in leading, training, and motivating employees in safety measures.
  • All employees must at all times take into account their own safety as well as the safety of their colleagues andcompany property.
  • All employees must take care of proper hygiene and orderliness in working areas.
  • All employees must provide cooperation to the company's safety and hygiene programmed, and is entitled to suggest opinions on improving working conditions and workplace safety.
  • The company will consistently evaluate adherence to the said policy.